Water Treatment Polymer Technologies

Having effective waste water treatment is pivotal to plant operations. Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)or Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) control is often one of the most difficult and expensive problems to solve. Improving solids dewatering immediately decreases total cost of operation. Optimizing the performance of waste water treatment is essential to increasing profitability. Ineffective or out-dated technologies are detrimental to operators when considering disposal costs. New innovative technologies need to be developed for increased environmental sustainability.

Our development of new anionic, cationic, and nonionic polymers are only the beginning of showcasing our innovative capabilities. Accordingly, our polymer technologies were developed to be effective at very small dosage amounts with improved solids dewatering. Our team of chemical engineers utilize their industry experience in developing liquid and powder electrolytes for use as primary coagulants, coagulant-aids or in conjunction with inorganic coagulants. Our new technologies contribute to our ongoing research and development of polymer technologies.