Specialty Cleaners

Aerospace Cleaning Products

  • Aircraft Exterior Degreaser
  • Aircraft Parts Washer
  • Aircraft Exterior Cleaner

SilverSun Industries has 3 products designed for the strictly regulated aerospace industry. These 3 products comply with governmental and internal regulations. Specifications comply with Boeing D6-17487 (rev N), PWA 36604, AMS 1526B, and Douglas CSD-1. These items utilize effective biodegradable technology while contributing to a safe working environment and reducing labor costs . No solvents are utilized in any of our aerospace cleaning products and all aerospace products are 100% water soluble.

Pharmaceutical Equipment

Our advanced technology is biodegradable and contains no solvents, no bleach, no phosphates, and no chlorine. Reliability and consistency provided by our cleaning technology allow you to focus on your manufacturing process and maximize production time. Process residues and by-products are easily removed by our effective, safe, and cost effective pharmaceutical equipment cleaners. Formulated specifically and only for the pharmaceutical industry, our pharmaceutical cleaners meet the unique cleaning demands found in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and dietary supplement industries.

Locomotive Maintenance Cleaners:

SilverSun Industries has modernized rail and transit maintenance cleaning operations through our fully biodegradable and environmentally friendly locomotive cleaners. Carbon, oil, and soot are effectively removed without the use of any solvents or toxic ingredients. Our locomotive maintenance cleaners are engineering for high performance cleaning of locomotive parts prior to rebuilding. No special ventilation is required. Designed for utilization through parts washers or can be applied by a pressure washer. Increased cleanliness reduces costly secondary process operations.