Sierra Leone Water Project

Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa with a diverse environment that is transitional from rainforest to savannah. Two seasons determine the agricultural cycle: rainy season and dry season. Although it is endowed with abundant water resources, access to safe drinking water is scarce and limited. It has been reported that 68% of the rural population do not have access to safe drinking water and instead rely on surface water, unprotected wells and unprotected springs. Only 20% of the urban population and 1% of the rural population have access to piped drinking water in their residence. With an estimated population of 6 million, safe drinking water technologies need to be implemented for the 6 million residents of Sierra Leone.

We are presently working with a team consisting of our engineers, partners, Sierra Leone diplomats, and Doishion to find a solution for the drinking water scarcity in Sierra Leone. In addition to our own engineers and scientists, Doshion brings a wealth of experience to this project. With more than 200 technologies, access to over 2500 patents, and 600 engineers in their corporate campus, Doshion is the right partner to assist in development and implementation of this project.