Paint Detackification Technology

Paint detackification is a major component of automobile manufacturing. Traditional detackification technologies incorporate the use of formaldehyde and other detrimental ingredients even though the automobile industry has increased focus on environmental sustainability. Further, total cost of operation is an intrinsically key factor in operating profitability for all manufacturers.

We have dedicated several years of research and development towards an improved and innovative paint detackification system. Aside from our own research, we incorporated partners who have formulated paint detackifiers, chemical engineers, chemists, and additional resources and information obtained through our collaborations. Years of arduous research resulted in a newly developed novel paint detackification system which is derived entirely from natural resources, contains no formaldehyde, no hazardous components, and is 100% biodegradable.

Having an experienced partner with knowledge of the automobile industry allowed us to realize the technology needed to have economic and operational benefits as well. Additionally, paint systems range from clearcoats, solvent based paints, and water based paints. Accordingly, an effective detackification technology must work on all paint systems while offering operational benefits to the manufacturer.

Our innovative technology reduces ancillary costs and waste, offers numerous user benefits, increases water lifespan, and eliminates the use of carcinogenic or hazardous chemicals. The technology is 100% naturally derived and has unparalleled performance characteristics.