How We Innovate

Chemistry enables technological advancements that drive innovation. New ideas and innovations are the lifeline of industries and environmental preservation.

Experienced engineers and scientists are continuously entering into retirement. Decades of technical experience and knowledge are lost forever as they walk out the door into retirement. Predecessors leave their written lab work behind but the unwritten technical knowledge in their heads is not left behind for perusal.

Many firms offer consulting services on innovation but the succinct question to ask is: how many of those firms have engineers who actually developed commercialized innovative technologies in their careers? Generating new ideas is not the same as developing new ideas and technology.

That is where SilverSun Industries comes into the picture. We bring together engineers and scientists from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on our Innovation Projects. Our affiliations with established companies and access to their previously conducted research and development gives additional technical resources to our engineers.

Our engineers and scientists were methodically selected due to their technical backgrounds. Integrating these engineers from different business sectors allowed each to bring their own unique expertise to collaborative projects. By collectively harnessing their internal and external technical knowledge, we’ve been able to develop advanced technical solutions offering environmental, operational and economic benefits.

A few facts about our team of engineers and scientists:

  • Have over 150 years of combined technical experience
  • Careers range from Argonne National Laboratory to Fortune 500 companies
  • Include PhDs, Fortune 500 managers, Fortune 500 chemical engineers, Fortune 500 mechanical engineers, and former business owners
  • Research specified towards paints, polymer research, lubricants, coatings, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, adhesives, and metallurgy

A few achievements in their careers include:

  • Development and implementation of an organic chemical (chelants) based aqueous chemical decontamination process for nuclear and non-nuclear components. Currently being used by US Government and other commercial outfits.
  • Preparation of diamond and diamond-like carbon films from ion and plasma deposition processes for advanced thermionic generator and other applications.
  • Several U.S. patents in respect to environmental and pollution related paints, lubricants, coatings, and polymers.
  • Developed radiation and UV cured polymers to reduce air pollution.
  • In-reactor irradiation and subsequent post-irradiation characterization of advanced thermionic and thermoelectric components.
  • Developed biaxial creep test apparatus

A Few awards include:

  • Who’s Who in Engineering
  • National Leadership Award
  • Outstanding Chemical Engineer from American Institute of Chemical Engineers (A.I.Ch.E.)
  • Men of Achievement