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Traditional consumer cleaning products for households have lacked innovative technology. The consumer market has been flooded with competing cleaning products, none of which offer the consumer a new cleaning technology that can deliver results previously not imaginable. Consumers have had to settle for what was available on the shelf.

We decided to develop a product for common household use that would set the standard of household cleaning technology to a higher level. Through the use of innovative green technology that we have not seen in any other consumer product, we developed CreteClean® Max.

With the help of Kyle Busch and Kyle Busch Motorsports, CreteClean® Max was quickly promoted to a large consumer audience. Kyle Busch and Kyle Busch Motorsports helped establish CreteClean® Max as the #1 solution for concrete cleaning. Aside from the contests, their continual promotional efforts helped give assurance to homeowners about the quality and performance of CreteClean® Max.

The technology in CreteClean® Max focuses on repelling oil and dirt particles as opposed to traditional cleaning products that use harsh chemicals to scrape oil and dirt. Utilizing the water molecules to hold the dirt in place prevents re-deposition onto the surface. The technology’s effectiveness can be viewed on the website’s video that shows CreteClean® Max working with a toothbrush and removing stains in excess of 10 years old

Keeping in mind that consumers may desire versatility, CreteClean® Max’s technology allows it to be used as either a powder or a liquid. Although it is packaged as a powder and ready to use out of the container, CreteClean® Max is also 100% water soluble. This allows the user to add the powder to water and create their own liquid cleaner for use through pressure washer.

The innovation does not limit itself to concrete cleaning. CreteClean® Max works on grout, limestone, brick, and other masonry surfaces as well.

CreteClean® Max has quickly become one of the highest rated concrete cleaners at Home Depot.

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  • Biodegradable
  • No Solvents
  • No Phosphates
  • No Bleach
  • No Chlorine